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financial audits

Whether your organization requires an audit to comply with an external reporting requirement, or simply to take the next step in its growth, our audit professionals have the experience and technical knowledge to support your goals in a cost-effective manner.

Audits That Deliver Real Value

We understand that businesses and not-for-profit organizations that are required to undergo an audit typically do not view the process as an opportunity to enhance their operational results.

However, by working with experienced and objective audit professionals, your organization can in fact gain valuable insight into its operational and administrative strengths and weaknesses.

As a natural result of the auditing process we are well-positioned to identify any opportunities for improvement within our clients' accounting and reporting functions. At the end of the engagement we will discuss our findings with you and offer objective recommendations to be considered during management's decision-making process.

The bottom line: Armed with knowledge and candid insight into its operations, your organization will be better positioned to positively affect its results over time.

That is real value.

Objectivity Delivered in an Accommodating Manner

As professionals who have experience on both sides of the desk, we are aware that a required audit can present a burden to your organization's resources.

To minimize the impact of the auditing process, we utilize an approach that is accommodating to the daily operational demands facing our clients by:

  • Applying a risk-based, top-down approach in tailoring our audit testing program

  • Developing a workflow plan on the front-end that is feasible to all parties

  • Working with our clients to set milestones that are monitored

  • Delivering Initial Client Information Requests that are as comprehensive as possible

  • Grouping Subsequent Client Information Requests in a manner that reduces prolonged distractions to client personnel

  • Minimizing our audit team's physical time onsite by performing testing from our offices as appropriate

If our financial audit services are of interest, please contact us to schedule a non-binding consultation.

"I just wanted to let you know that I am extremely pleased with the work provided by Robertson & Robertson. We used their services to perform an annual audit, which really opened our eyes to our operations. They were able to objectively help us identify issues within our accounting information system that resulted in a very positive impact to our "bottom line", which is valuable for any company in any industry. Robertson & Robertson is a trustworthy and professional accounting firm that I would recommend to any company looking to become more profitable and knowledgeable about their operations".

Javed Meghani
Chairman & CEO, Mega Energy

"2010 was the first year US Imaging, Inc. used Robertson & Robertson, PLLC to prepare the 401(k) audit for our plan's Form 5500. Ben Robertson and Carisma Robertson were extremely professional, yet personable to work with. They were certainly knowledgeable and I would recommend them without hesitation."

Martha Law
CFO, US Imaging, Inc.

"Robertson & Robertson have managed to combine the expertise you would expect from a 'Big Four' firm while still retaining the personal touch. From day one they showed a genuine interest and quickly grasped the issues particular to our business. They have given valuable guidance to our financial team. Our audits have been carried out efficiently and diligently with the minimum of disturbance to the accounting functions. Above all, I have appreciated their objective feedback and support. I highly recommend doing business with them as they will bring about great benefits".

Richard Wakim
President, Brilliant Energy

"In 2011, we engaged Robertson & Robertson, P.L.L.C., to perform our 2010 annual SAS 70 (Type II) audit, and found them to be thorough, professional and consistent with the guidelines established for this particular type of audit. Their firm proved to be infinitely approachable when questions or concerns arose, and were quick to respond to our queries. In all, their knowledge and expertise helped our company to improve our processes, focus on objectives needing to be fine-tuned and left us in an excellent position for the upcoming transition to the SSAE 16 audit."

Mike Pettey
President, Alliance Benefit Group of Houston

"Working with Robertson & Robertson is a very pleasant experience. Their staff is very knowledgeable and up to date on the latest laws and requirements. They are thorough yet considerate of your time. They create a comfortable enough atmosphere to make our review relatively painless. We will be working with them again next year."

Lori Biehle
Vice President, Phoenix Millwork, LLC

"Thorough and professional - those two words summarize my impression of the CPA services provided by Ben Robertson of Robertson & Robertson. From the initial engagement interview, to the final financial review report, to conscientious follow-up, Robertson & Robertson made sure all the "i's" were dotted and all the "t's" were crossed and that JES Tech had everything we needed to fulfill our reporting obligations. Thanks Robertson & Robertson!"

Keith Sabin
Vice President, JES Tech